Saturday, 13 November 2010

Academic Reports

ar-Rijal al-Amlaq - The Giant Man

By Husayn ibn Mahmood (Shaykh). Controversially this is the only known detailed biography of Mullah Omar in English. Little is known about the Taliban leader.

Imperial Hubris

Taken from the Hardback edition, 'Though US leaders try to convince the world of their success in fighting al Qaeda, one anonymous member of the US intelligence community would like to inform the public that we are, in fact, losing the war on terror. Further, until US leaders recognise the errant path they have irresponsibly chosen, he says, our enemies will only grow stronger.

Imperial Ambitions

Conversations with Noam Chomsky on the Post 9/11 World From Introduction, 'I'm frequently asked, What's it like to interview Noam Chomsky? In more than twenty years of working with him, I've learned several things. One is, be prepared and put your questions in some order of priority. Another is, listen carefully, because you ever know which way the conversation will go....Chomsky sets the compass headings and describes the topography. It is up to us to navigate the terrain. It is my hope that the conversations in this book will spark thought, discussion, and, most of all, activism.'


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