Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ahmed Deedat

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
1. Deedat's Encounter with Christians Missionaries

3. Christ in Islam
Presentation for Sheikh Ahmed Deedat about Christ in Islam

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7. What the Bible Says About Muhammad PBUH
A great debate between Dr. Jamal Badawi and Dr. Anis Shorrosh, it took a place in Kansas City.
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9. Muhammad PBUH the Greatest
A lecture presented by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat about the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Bless be Upon Him), Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Well-Known as a muslim scholar who has had many debates in comparative religion with many christians scholars.

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19. Was Christ Crucified ?
It's a great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat who is well-known as a muslim scholar in comparative religion and Dr.Floyd E. Clark who is a professor emeritus at Johnson Bible College USA. In this debate was the first appearance for Dr. Anis Shorrosh whom Sheikh Ahmed Deedat had many debates with.

29. The Quran or The Bible Which is God's Word?

A day before the great debate with Dr. Jimmy Swaggart, this lecture took place in New York City, titled “Qur’an or the Bible which is God's Word?” presented by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.

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33. Is the Bible God's Word?
A great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Jimmy Swaggart and the topic was “Is the Bible God's Word?” It took place in U.S.A at the University of Louisiana, It's Worth seeing Don't miss it.

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34.Is the Bible God's Word Q&A
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35. Muhammad in the Bible in response to Swaggart
A day after the great debate with Jimmy Swaggart at Louisiana University in the USA, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat in this lecture answer a question addressed to Jimmey Swaggart that “Is the bible says anything about Muhammad?” and Jimmey's answer was "No!". Here is Sheikh Deedat's Answer.

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38. Crucifixion Fact or Fiction (Debate)
A great debate between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Robert Douglas who has PhD in Religion; the debate took place at the University of Kansas on 16th November 1986. Recommended

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46. Popes Pious Pronouncement
A lecture presented by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat titled “Popes Pious Pronouncement”

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48. Quran or the Bible which is God’s Word
One of the Greatest debates in the last century; Sheikh Ahmed Deedat accepted the challenge and debated Dr. Anis Shorrosh in this debate u can see how Anis dealt with the audience, how weak is his Arabic language though he is an Arab! And many other things, worth seeing ...

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(Q&A Session)
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68. Is the Bible True Word Of God?
One of the Greatest Debates, It's between Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor Sjoberg, it's worth seeing don't miss it.

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69. Is Jesus God?
One of the greatest debates, where Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor Stanley Sjoberg was discussing one of the most important issues in Christianity... it's really a great debate and worth seeing .. don't miss it!

216. Tribute and Times of Sheikh Amed Deedat

How did Sheikh Ahmed live? How did he start the Dawah? Who were coming to his work place to practice?! How did he find the book? It sounds Arabic!
This Film talks about Sheikh Deedat's Story the Great Muslim Scholar in Comparative religion in the 20th Century.

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