Friday, 12 November 2010

Holy Quran - Saalih al Taalib

Saleh Talib - Makkah [Arabia] | Entire Quran [High CD Quality]
Saleh bin Muhammed bin Ibrahim al Talib is a judge of the high court in Makkah and was appointed Imam in year 1423h. The Shaykh is from the virtuous tribe Tai from the clan of Banu Tamim.
Born in Riyadh in year 1393 to a family known for its piety and dedication to religion. He also used to recite (the Qur'aan) to some of the scholars before the year 1400 hijri.
Sheikh Saleh finished Quran memorisation before coming of age. He graduated from the College of Shariah in Riyadh in 1414, then did his masters which he completed in 1417.

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